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Forging a new era in workforce solutions

Fircroft has worked across a broad range of several industrial sectors, consistently rethinking recruitment and providing workforce solutions to the biggest engineering companies in the world. Today Fircroft is renowned for its constant adherence to the highest standards of quality, compliance, and cost-effectiveness

Our Contribution In

Automotive Industry

In recent years our overall growth as an outsourcing company has driven us into yet the evergrowing automotive industry including partnerships with some of the leading, premium names in the Automotive sector.


Our Contribution In

Oil & Gas Industry

When it comes to the energy and oil sector, Fircroft's process of recruitment stands out on its own as this industry requires a workforce that has excellent technical, planning, and management skills.

Our Contribution In

 Construction Industry

With the increasing demand for construction, we have provided top talent around the globe including skilled labor, engineers, and architects, especially in UAE and the middle east.


Our Contribution In

Mining Industry

Fircroft in recent years has been a significant provider of recruitment and training services to the Mining & Minerals sector, our workforce continues to deliver industries with their unmatched technical support.

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